Informal Vs. Formal Car Accident Compensation

car accident lawyer Tampa

As a victim in a car accident in or around Tampa, you have the right to be compensated for your woes under the state’s personal injury laws.

But, before you even decide whether or not you have a valid case for compensation, your first move should be to get in touch with a professional  and have him or her review your case and determine its merit.

Once your lawyer has evaluated your case and decided to represent you in pursuing the compensation, the next step will be to chart out a strategy through which you will obtain the same.

There are two ways through which your car accident lawyer can help you obtain compensation and each of them has its own unique merits and demerits, as explained below.

Informal settlement

Most of the drivers responsible for causing car accidents and their insurance companies usually do not take long to realize that they stand to lose more if the matter is taken to court than if they settle it outside the courtroom.

An informal compensation settlement involves discussions between your attorney and the other side outside the courtroom where the two parties negotiate and try to come to an acceptable figure for the settlement.

The courts in Tampa respect the decisions reached through these informal settlements and will generally not interfere with the process unless directly requested by either party. About car accident lawyers you can find out more here.  In that case, they may appoint a mediator and turn the matter into a semi-formal mediated or arbitrated settlement.

Formal settlement

Although most car accident lawyers would rather not go this way if they can help it, there is always the option of filing a civil lawsuit and suing the responsible parties for compensation in court.

This process will involve a full trial in which you, through your car accident attorney, will have to prove that the defendant was directly responsible for the accident that took place and that you were injured as a result of that same accident.

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The history of Roman Law 

The entire Roman lawwas formally based on the law of twelve tables. The twelve tables law was very primitive set of rules, however it contained very large number of regulations that were the foundation of entire roman legal system. This law has never been changed, amended or deleted, all its regulations were fully functional trough whole roman history.

Maccari-CiceroNo one can say that it was perfect, but romans were people, who were thinking ahead of the time so they adjusted the regulations by its present use. They were very traditional people, so they never gain the courage to abolish it or change it. This law was considered Gods law, it was learnt in schools and roman law was considered main source of all law.

During most of its history, the Romans rarely brought the legislation to edit the area of civil law. So they had to create mechanisms that would allowed them to adjust their laws to new social needs. The solution was found in Pretoria. The magistrates were high state officials, who have great powers of editing rights. They were not judges, but they gave permission for citizens to go to court, and they also advised the judges in order to adjudicate on certain matter when ordinary citizens were in question.

periklhs-athina-ekklhsia-tou-dhmou-arxaia-ellada-dhmokratia-536x427They were legislators, but their interpretation of the law was questionable, they knew how to completely reverse the meaning of a regulation. It was customary for each Praetor, when taking its duty, to issue a proclamation on how he will act on individual cases when they come in his hands, because the lack of law was leaving large gaps. In the beginning, these decisions were oral and were called edicts, and later they were printed on wooden tiles and hoisted on the Roman town square Forum. These plates were called album.

Over time, these decisions were so multiplied that they created a complex system of private law which suppressed the system based on the twelve tables law.

The Twelve Tables of Laws

In addition to the twelve tables Law and praetorian law, an important source of law in Rome was the opinions of respected jurists, decisions of the Senate and the imperial decision from the Roman state. For further info about roman law navigate to this web-site.

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Kinds of attorneys and description of their jobs 

There is a lawyer who deals with several legal regions, but mostly they are specialized and focused on just one legal area, since it is easier and much simpler. Here are different types of attorneys and descriptions of what they do when they practice their law.

Corporate Lawyers

They write agreements, make easy connections, assistance file copyrights and incorporate a business. They are developing a succession procedure to change owners of business firms.


Civil Rights Lawyers

They mostly solves cases about discrimination such as discrimination of votes, discrimination of race and prejudice of  sexual orientation.

Bankruptcy Lawyers

Bankruptcy lawyers usually have cases which involve bankruptcy, personal or corporate. Their  central point is usually only bankruptcy and forgo any other legal field.

Criminal Lawyers

If someone want to become a excellent criminal lawyer, he must enroll the appropriate school. Criminal lawyers solve cases of charged clients.  It may be easier cases like traffic violations for speed or careless driving, but also serious criminal offenses such as homicide. If you want to know more about tampa car accident attorney click on my source here.


Personal Injury Lawyers

These lawyers usually deal with cases against insurance companies, or they must make a civil case against the individual if the insurance company decides not to pay for detriment. They deal with cases which are related to automobile mishaps, wounds of slipping and falling, back harm, when someone loses the ability to hear or some others personal injuries.

Private Practice Lawyers

When people recommend a lawyer  to their family, they are usually referring to a private practice lawyer. They usually solve cases related to estate preparation and oversee the business events of important business people.

Employment Lawyers

An employment lawyer helps individuals with worker’s compensation claims, workplace harassment cases and wrongful employment termination cases. Employment lawyer is the professional that would represent the worker.

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The strangest and funniest world law  

If you thought that laws in your country are sharp and by logic, read what kind of all such laws exist in the world.


Singapore has banned chewing gum since 1992. Permission is granted only for use nicotine gum and if you have a prescription of doctors. The reason is not familiar.


Residents in Brunei, Indonesia and Malaysia adore the fruit called durian. The law prohibits not to eat it in public places, because it stinks, they say that it smell like swine feces.


In the Danish restaurants if you don’t feel full after your meal, you do not have to pay for lunch. Also, in this country jailbreak is not illegal.



In the city Logibirnu is prohibited by law to die. The cemetery is full and there is no more space, and the authorities will transferred you to the mainland in case you’re waiting for death recently, to die there.


Japanese men are forbidden to have a waist size greater than 80 cm. Women are allowed to have 90 cm.


In Thailand it is illegal to go out without underwear. Also, you should not drive a car without a T-shirt or trample on the bill.


If you’re drunk in Russia, you cannot walk the dog weighs more than 15 kg.


In this country it is forbidden to flush the toilet after 22 hours.


It is forbidden to let more people to drink out of the same bottle of whiskey.


On safari in Kenya is allowed to get naked only for residents. For tourists it is punishable.

10 Weird Laws From Around The World

Czech Republic

If a taxi is driving you near where nuclear disaster occurred, then you will pay for cabbie driving with a charge under the third tariff, and this is used only for that ride.

Do you still think that your country has strange laws? We live in the world full of differences and what is strange in your country maybe isn’t strange in another. How law would be depends of many things, of customs of those people, of local problems, habits and others. You can find out more right here.

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